10-Step Cleaning Process for Wash, Dry and Fold

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2 Sat 2016 admin Comments: 0

For each order we follow the same 10-step procedure to make sure clothes are cleaned, dried, and returned each and every time.

  1. We check each pocket for valuables (or not so valuable pens that might damage the clothes) – and return those items
  2. We pre-treat noticeable stains
  3. We separate colors and whites appropriately
  4. All our water is double-filtered for purity
  5. We use highest quality detergents, including hypoallergenic products at your request
  6. We select washing and drying temperatures to minimize the risk of shrinkage
  7. We use dryer sheets in the dryers – scented or unscented at your choice
  8. We check each dryer load to be sure it’s completely dry
  9. We try hard to match and pair all socks
  10. And finally, we meticulously fold and package each order